Coeliac Plexus Block

What is coeliac plexus?

Coeliac plexus is an aggregation of sympathetic nerves in upper abdomen which sends pain signals to upper abdominal organ and hence is responsible for abdominal pain

Which conditions block coeliac plexus?

Chronic pancreatitis, cancers of an abdominal organ, pain due to liver metastasis

How is the procedure done?

The patient is taken in operation theatre and all monitors attached and made to lie with his back up. After giving local anesthesia identification of coeliac plexus is done by ultrasonography or fluoroscopy or CT scan .once it is identified, local anesthesia is injected along with alcohol to achieve immediate and long-lasting relief.

What are the post-procedure recommendations?

Patients are told about the complications that can happen and asked to report to the hospital immediately if any of these are noticed.

How much is the duration of pain relief?

Pain relief will be there from 3-6 months, subsequently, further injections may be required.

Who should not undergo this procedure?

Patients with reactions to medications and those with bleeding disorders.

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