Nerve Block Injections

What is nerve block injections?

Nerve blocks injections are given around and in the space where the affected nerves are present. These are done to treat or diagnose chronic pain.

Which conditions can be treated with this injection?

Carpal tunnel syndrome, Occipital neuralgia, Ilioinguinal neuralgia, Genitofemoral neuralgia, Meralgia paresthetica, Supraorbital neuralgia, Posterior auricular neuralgia, Diabetic neuralgia, Mononeuropathies, Nerve entrapments.

How does it work?

The medicines injected into the space where nerves are present will numb the nerve and will also decrease the inflammation present around the nerve. This will lead to decrease in irritation of nerve and hence less pain signals will be transmitted to the brain. It can be done for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. If on giving the block the pain subsides it is said to be positive block and another procedure can be given for long term benefits.

How long the patient will be pain relieved?

The duration of pain relief depends on the duration of pain and amount of inflammation present. Usually 3-9 months of pain relief is seen on an average but there are cases which also gives permanent pain relief to the patients. Different patients will respond differently to these injections.

What are the advantages?

The advantages of this injection are it gives pain relief for a longer duration. The doses of pain killers to be taken can be reduced to a greater extent or can be stopped. Also the pain relief will allow for appropriate exercises to be done and hence helps in faster recovery.

What are the post procedure recommendations?

Post interventions the patients should be doing all the exercises as prescribed along with the medications and also have to be in regular follow up .

Are there any side effects?

These nerve blocks are done under the guidance of fluoroscopy and ultrasonography and so the side effects of nerve blocks are very minimal.

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