Sacroiliac Joint Pain

What is SI joint?

Sacroiliac joint(SI) joint is formed by sacrum and ilium bones on both sides and functions as a shock absorber.

What will be the complaints?

Stabbing pain in the lower back, buttocks, leg, groin, and hip and it is aggravated by physical activity bending, climbing.

Possible causes of SI joint pain

Post pregnancy, congenital problem, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, are among the few important causes.

How to treat SI joint pain?

Usually, it is diagnosed with small injections given in operation theatre under local anesthesia. If patients pain subsides with this injection then it is said to be positive diagnostic block. further treatment is done by eighter injecting drugs at the same point or also by radiofrequency ablation. Identification of SI joints are done under fluoroscopic machines and medicines are injected into the joint.

Is it a daycare procedure?

Yes, it is a day care procedure, where the patient is admitted on the same day and kept for observation for 4-6 hours after the procedure and discharged the same day.

What are the post procedures recommendations?

After the procedure patient is supposed to do the particular exercises at home taught by the physiotherapist and medicines has to be taken as prescribed with a regular follow up.

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