Intrathecal Pump Implantation

What are intrathecal pumps?

These are the devices which are directly put into intrathecal space. This space is present around the spinal cord and has a fluid calledCSF in it. These devices are put directly into this space which will continuously deliver the drug into CSF and will pass to nerves present there ,thereby directly blocking the pain signals.

Who should undergo this procedure?

Patients with chronic back pain, sciatica, CRPS, post surgery back pain, peripheral vascular disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, cancer pain.

How much time the procedure will take?

The procedure will tale 30-40 minutes. This procedure is done inside operation theatre. The catheter is palced in the intrathecal space and the pump is implanted in the abdomen. The device is set to deliver drugs at a constant rate.

Is it a permanent solution to pain?

It is not a permanent solution but works effectively in those patients where other treatments have failed.

What are the post procedure recommendations?

Pain of the patient is replaced by numbness and hence this has to be kept in mind. any weakness in the limbs should be immediately reported to the doctor. All the do s and don’t s have to followed as said by the doctor.

Why Choose PANAX?

PANAX is one of the first multidisciplinary pain management center offering comprehensive non surgical pain management services.

All our Treatment are:

  • Non surgical
  • Takes less than a hour
  • Painless
  • No blood loss