Genicular Nerve Block

What is genicular nerve?

Genicular nerves are the nerves supplying the knee joint. They are six in number and only three nerves are blocked in case of knee joint pain.

Why is this nerve blocked?

This nerve is blocked in refractory cases of knee joint pain, osteoarthritis, pain in post replacement cases, degenerated knee joint, patients not fit for surgery.

How is the procedure done?

This procedure is done in operation theatre under local anesthesia. Patient is lying on his back. The nerves are identified using ultrasonography. This block can also be done under fluoroscopy guided. After identification of the structures, local anesthesia is given for diagnostic block. If the pain is relieved, it implies a positive diagnostic block. After this radiofrequency ablation of genicular nerves are done.

What are the post-procedure recommendations?

After the procedure is done physiotherapy is mandatory along with medicines as prescribed.

Is there any side effects?

This procedure does not have any serious side effects and complications are rare.

Is there any better alternative to this procedure?

This procedure is usually done as a last resort in resistant knee joint pain.

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