Platelet rich plasma injection for Tennis Elbow

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is also called Lateral epicondylitis. It is the inflammation of extensor tendons which are attached to lateral epicondyle of the arm bone. It occurs due to overuse of muscles and trauma and is especially seen in Athletes.

What will patient complain?

Pain and burning sensation on the outer part of your elbow. Usually the symptoms worsened with forearm activity.

What is platelet rich plasma(PRP)?

Platelet rich plasma is patients own processed blood contain lots of growth factors in the form of platelets.

How is the procedure done?

This PRP is prepared from patients own blood , small amount of patient’s blood is taken and processed in a centrifuge machine which leads to formation of 3-4 ml of processed blood rich in growth factors. These growth factors when injected to the tendon will lead to regeneration of the cartilage. Under the supervision of ultrasonography , the torn part of tendon is identified and the growth factors are injected.

How long will it take for the procedure to be completed ?

This procedure is done as a day care procedure. The procedure will usually take 20-30 minutes and after that patient is kept for observation for an hour after which they can go back home.

Will it give permanent relief?

Long term pain relief is seen with this therapy although permanent pain relief is seen in most of the cases. Although complete healing of the tendon will take 2-3 months .

What are the post procedure recommendations?

The patients are advised specific exercises which has to be followed. This procedure has to be repeated for two more times in an interval of 15 days for maximum benefits.

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